A Bewitching Interactive Paranormal Time Travel Romance- From #1 International Bestselling Time Travel Romance Author Lorraine Beaumont

Combine a Supernatural Town, Backfiring Spells, Witches, Mertals, Vampires and a few too many Zombies and what do you get?

A Recipe for disaster. 

Welcome to Edenbrooke Hollow

In this Paranormal Sizzler Novice Witch Melody Granger is on a mission to not only learn thespells she needs to get into the elite circle within her coven but also get the guy (Mertal) of her dreams with one. But when she inadvertently buys a defective spell book from a Charlatan at the local Potions. Broomsticks, and Beyond and her spells start to backfire she realizes that someone may not only be trying to derail her carefully laid plans to join the elite circle within her coven but also get rid of her for good. 

Derrick St. Claire -A Vampire with an insatiable appetite... striking good looks and too much money to spend in his many lifetimes wants his ancestral home back from the Black Hat Society's Patronesses who have taken it over for their coven and yearly witches' ball. As far as he is concerned, Like Oil and Vinegar, Witches and Vampires don't mix, but when he encounters Melody Granger a novice witch with a penchant for getting herself into trouble he realizes that some rule, even his own, are made to be broken.